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Little Girl Walking Horse In Snow Gets Stuck But It’s Horse’s Action That’s Melting Hearts Everywhere

Emma may be a tiny girl, but she has a big heart. Such a big heart that she has love for a giant horse named Cinnamon.

The two have become unmistakably sweet friends since they were introduced when Emma was only a baby.

Emma’s father, Justin Dunn, is proud to see his little one bond with a horse for a special reason.

Justin is a professional horse trainer on his ranch in Colorado.

So when Cinnamon first took a liking to the little girl, an adorable relationship blossomed.

“These two had and still have a special bond,” Justin wrote in a blog post. “Cinnamon Girl LOVES her Emma.”

Dad began filming Emma and Cinnamon interacting and he’s exactly right.

Cinnamon becomes extremely tame when with Emma and is an attentive listener.

Wherever Emma steps, Cinnamon goes along with her. At one point, Emma gets a bit stuck in the rein, but Cinnamon patiently stands by and helps her along.

It almost appears as if the horse realizes there is a problem before anyone else!

That’s why Emma and Cinnamon taking a walk together is about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

In the snow, Emma takes tiny steps all wrapped up in cold weather gear.

Neither the cold temperatures nor the big horses on the ranch deter this little girl!

And as for Cinnamon, she simply trots along happily while the tiny toddler leads the way.

When Emma is asked about her liking for the animal, Emma replies with a confident, “Yeah! Her name’s Cinn’mon.”

The two simply enjoy each other’s company. And because of the sheer cuteness, dad can’t help but capture it on camera.

It is clear that Emma will have no problem growing up on the ranch! Watch their precious relationship in the video below.

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